Becoming a Member

A Guide to Your Chamber Membership Investment

When you make an investment in equipment or services for your business, you expect to receive a substantial return on your investment. You can expect the same from your membership investment in the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce. Your membership investment can return benefits to you and your business that will help you succeed while improving the vitality of the community.

Some benefits of Chamber membership are immediate and direct, providing opportunities for your business grow, and you should take advantage of them. HOST a ribbon cutting ceremony to announce your membership to the community. UTILIZE the membership mailing list to contact members directly to promote your products and services. SET UP a link on the Chamber’s website to make your business easier to find. Check the Chamber newsletters for up-to-date information on the local business climate and future Chamber EVENTS. PARTICIPATE in Chamber networking events to gather hundreds of new contacts to build your business. ATTEND professional development training programs to gain the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful business leader. Target market to other Chamber members through the variety of ADVERTISING OPTIONS offered by the Chamber.

Other Membership Benefits are long-term and indirect, impacting the entire membership, our community, the region and the state. The Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce offers programs such Chamber Insurance Trust benefits package for small businesses who may not qualify for other insurance programs. Involvement as a collective group in our town government and commissions and task forces helps advocate for economic development and our business needs.

To maintain a high quality of life in our community, the Chamber ENCOURAGES YOUR INVOLVEMENT in the process. The forward-thinking groups we support have created plans for improvements in parking, transportation, a community development; and solutions to local issues such as the successful integration of newcomers and tourism to the arts and cultural gems held by our members. The Chamber’s recruitment of new business and industry to the community broadens your customer base, adds to the tax base, and creates a vibrant economy which maintains our region’s growth.

Just supporting the Chamber with your membership investment improves the quality of life and business climate we all enjoy, but just like any other business tool, the MORE YOU USE your Chamber Membership, the GREATER THE BENEFIT you’ll receive from it. Take advantage of the benefits in which you invested: we promise the results will be worth it. Join the Chamber today!

Join the Chamber of Commerce today!