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What Does My Chamber of Commerce Do?
Advance Ridgefield’s Prosperity and Your Own

Simply put, your Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce is in the business of promoting business by serving as a partner for every company, big and small, and every professional, resident or visitor in the Ridgefield area.

We work hard every day to improve the economic climate and quality of living in Ridgefield not only for our businesses, but for our residents and visitors too. We provide a variety of valuable services to over 1,000 business and civic leaders who represent the backbone of our area business community. In many cases, we work with our local government and various councils to maintain and develop pro-business initiatives such as Shop Ridgefield, Destination Ridgefield, Emergency Planning and a number of family-friendly events to attract and entertain locals and newcomers to Ridgefield in the name of commerce and community service.

Each day, we help small businesses and corporations by handling dozens of phone calls, member referrals, mail requests, e-mail messages and business meetings. The Ridgefield Chamber has formed alliances with business leaders, trade associations and commissions (i.e. Economic Development, Planning & Zoning, Senior Initiative Forum, etc.), and sister chambers to accomplish our goals of business and to better serve the needs of our community.

We specialize in local Networking Events, Educational Forums and Business gatherings which bring the community together to help develop strong local networks -- which often result in a business-to-business exchange.  After all, people like to do business with people they know!

If you would like to take an active role and get more out of your membership in the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce you are encouraged to serve on a Business Council and be part of Ridgefield’s Business Leadership Team. As a member of a Council you will help shape the future direction of our programming and projects. Councils have often proven to be one of the most effective networking opportunities the Chamber offers. Councils are open to members in good standing plus you must be active in the discipline of the particular Council. Joining a Council is your opportunity to learn from fellow members and develop the referral relationships that will help you grow your organization!  Please call the office at (203) 438-5992 for more information, or visit under Events for meeting dates/locations.

Retail Council - meets monthly on a Wednsday at 6 pm at the Chamber office to discuss issues affecting retailers.  This group is responsible for assisting the Chamber with Shop Local campaigns and keeping the Ridgefield economy strong by keeping consumers' spending money in town.

Non-Profit Council - meets approximately every 6 weeks at 9 am at the Ridgefield Community Center to discuss how charities can aid each other, generate funds, and attract volunteers.  This group is also responsible for aiding the Chamber with the "Chamber for Good" web site, a place where citizens and Chamber non-profit members connect to donate time and items.

Health & Wellness Council - meets on the first Monday of each month at 8 am at an assigned location for networking, sharing best practices, and ensuring that residents and visitors are aware of the abundance of options in Ridgefield which promote a healthy lifestyle.  There is a separate member fee to join this Council, and businesses are welcome to attend 2 meetings for free to determine whether to become an active member.

Restaurant Council - newly formed in 2014, this Council will discuss the restaurant business in Ridgefield, share best practices, and help make Ridgefield a vibrant destination for dining and entertainment.

Rise N Shine Networking Group - this is a Chamber-affiliated networking group who meet on Thursday mornings from 8-9 AM in the RVNA conference room.  Their purpose is to build strong professional relationships, exchange internal and external leads and referrals, and share success stories with their peers.  They are currently recruiting new members in many industries (one member per industry) including but not limited to: Accountant, Attorney, Commercial Realtor, Electrician, IT Provider, Manufacturing, Painter, etc.  There is a separate member fee and application process to join this Group.

Here are some other ways your Chamber is Taking Care of Business:

  • Monthly Mail Service Program advertising business to over 400 area professionals;

  • Professional Business Listing and Link to the Chamber’s popular website,;

  • Alphabetical and Category Listings in the Chamber’s Annual Membership Directory & Shopping Guide;

  • Member Business Referral Service;

  • Special pricing on Toursim website;

  • E-mail Newsletter and Invitations;

  • Connecticut/Ridgefield Tourism Leads;

  • Networking and Educational Forums;

  • Advocate and Cross-market with Area Non-Profits;

  • Public Relations, Press Releases, Letters to the Editor;

  • Gift of Choice Gift Certificate Program;

  • Chamber of Commerce Gift Shop;

  • Adopt-A-Street Advocate

  • Certificates of Origin

In a nutshell, the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce unifies our community spirit and directs it into useful and constructive channels. Each one of us has a personal and/or professional stake in our town which can best be safeguarded by patronizing our local businesses faithfully and regularly and working as a Chamber volunteer to protect and advance all Ridgefield businesses.

Remember, we can't carry out our broad program of work for businesses and the community without your personal service and financial support!  An active Membership in the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce brings with it a sense of accomplishment and inner satisfaction knowing that you and your business are doing your share of an important job …….

Making Ridgefield an even BETTER place to live, work and play!

Support community activities: KidsFest, SummerFest, Fourth of July Fireworks, Shop Ridgefield!, Fall for Ridgefield, Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off, Holiday Tree Lighting and more!

Ridgefield Gift of Choice Program:
The Chamber of Commerce promotes buying locally through its Gift of Choice Program. Customers can purchase Gift of Choice certificates at the Chamber office and use them like cash at more than 60 restaurants, stores, and businesses. Your business can be added to this growing list of merchants for just $60 per year. As a participant, you can then redeem the gift certificates at the Chamber office (or mail them in), resulting in immediate cash for you. Each merchant receives a window decal designating them as a “Gift of Choice” location.

The Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the any other national, state, or local Chamber of Commerce.  For more information about the history of Chambers of Commerce, the article, Chambers of Commerce: The Basics, published by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, provides some broad insight.  Clearly, the best way to learn about the Ridgefield Chamber is to become a member!