Membership Benefits

When you join the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce, you get real membership value by participating in events and working with other Chamber members. Listed are the direct benefits available to you from the Chamber and several Chamber members.

Serve on a Chamber Council

If you would like to take an active role and get more out of your membership in the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce you are encouraged to serve on a Business Council and be part of Ridgefield’s Business Leadership Team. As a member of a Council you will help shape the future direction of our programming and projects. Councils have often proven to be one of the most effective networking opportunities the Chamber offers. Councils are open to members in good standing plus you must be active in the discipline of the particular Council. Joining a Council is your opportunity to learn from fellow members and develop the referral relationships that will help you grow your organization!  Please call the office at (203) 438-5992 for more information, or visit under Events for meeting dates/locations.

Retail Council - meets approximately every 6 weeks at 6 pm at the Chamber to discuss issues affecting retailers.  This group is responsible for assisting the Chamber with Shop Local campaigns and keeping the Ridgefield ecomony strong by keeping consumers' spending money in town.

Non-Profit Council - meets approximately every 6 weeks at 9 am at the Ridgefield Community Center to discuss how charities can aid each other, generate funds, and attract volunteers.  This group is also responsible for aiding the Chamber with the "Chamber for Good" web site, a place where citizens and Chamber non-profit members connect to donate time and items.

Health & Wellness Council - meets on the first Monday of each month at 8 am at an assigned location for networking, sharing best practices, and ensuring that residents and visitors are aware of the abundance of options in Ridgefield which promote a healthy lifestyle.  There is a separate member fee to join this Council, and businesses are welcome to attend 2 meetings for free to determine whether to become an active member.

Restaurant Council - newly formed in 2014, this Council will discuss the restaurant business in Ridgefield, share best practices, and help make Ridgefield a vibrant destination for dining and entertainment.

Rise N Shine Networking Group - this is a Chamber-affiliated networking group who meet on Thursday mornings from 8-9 AM in the RVNA conference room.  Their purpose is to build strong professional relationships, exchange internal and external leads and referrals, and share success stories with their peers.  They are currently recruiting new members in many industries (one member per industry) including but not limited to: Accountant, Attorney, Commercial Realtor, Electrician, IT Provider, Manufacturing, Painter, etc.  There is a separate member fee and application process to join this Group.

Complimentary Ribbon Cutting

To schedule your ribbon cutting, please contact the Chamber at (203) 438-5992. Typically ribbon cuttings are scheduled mid-week evenings around 5pm; however, they may be scheduled at other times Monday through Friday to accommodate your business needs.

Membership Mailing List

Contact the office to order a mailing list or download it online of all Chamber members in the members only section.

Chamber Insurance Trust

An exclusive insurance benefits package for businesses. Learn more about Chamber Insurance Trust by calling (203) 438-5992.


Your business will automatically be added to the Chamber website within one week after you join. If you have given us your e-mail and website address, it will also be added to your listing at no additional cost.  There is also special member pricing for the website.

Complimentary Chamber Publications

Pick up a Membership Directory, and copies to distribute at your business all available free of charge to new members. All members are listed and there is great community information within this printed publication. Distributed to 12,000+ area homes and businesses annually.


All members receive an online subscription to the Chamber’s monthly newsletter. As a member, you can reach other businesses through advertising in the Chamber’s newsletters. For more information, contact the office at (203) 438-5992.

Get Involved

Be an active member by attending business building and educational events and by serving on committees. Visit the Chamber Calendar for the details on upcoming events. Learn more and sign up to serve!